Euro RPy-Rover Project

The RPy-Rover is a tracked vehicle controlled by a Raspberry Pi running a Python program.

Euro RPY-Rover
Euro RPY-Rover

Inspired by Sojourner, the rover of the Mars PathFinder project that allowed us to travel the plains of the red planet, the RPy-Rover is equipped with a tiny radio that enables it to receive commands from the command centre (basically a laptop) and send back the data it collets with it’s camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, ranger and GPS modules.

This project is the brainchild of two brothers and their father that lived in three different european countries during the few months it took to design and build, so we prefixed it “Euro”.

In this blog we share with you our journey of knowledge and what we learned, as well as the back story of the project, hoping it motivates you to create your own project, or helps you solve one of the many things we also struggled with. In the next months will be publishing tutorials for every rover module, and publish the Python code on GitHub.

We hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed turning our idea into reality, and invite you to register on the menu on the right to receive new articles by email (from WordPress).

To start you off, here are some of our favorite blog stories and tutorials:

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