Electronics by the pool

Summer really started when André and Gil came to Madrid. While André improved his Python programming Skills and started this blog, Gil fought hard to complete the infrared ranger and the GPS modules. … More Electronics by the pool

The first module is ready!

In the beginning of the year Gil got me excited about electronics again. It had been a very long time since I built rockets with my  colleagues of the Aerospace Section of the Instituto Superior Técnico, the university where I got my engineering degree in the field of robotics. We built sensors that we blasted into the sky at incredible speeds, propelled … More The first module is ready!

A rover is born

We wanted to design and build a rover similar to NASA’s Sojourner, a rover that traveled and explored Mars. The system would have two elements: a command centre would send commands by radio to the rover, that would answer using data from multiple sensors, including a camera. We even made a nice “box diagram” to describe it! … More A rover is born

Gil’s electronics lab

Gil kept insisting that we should do the project so Dad made a bargain with him: dad would buy him an electronics book and an electronics experiment kit for the Raspberry Pi. If Gil read the book and completed the experiments in the kit, it would show dad that Gil had the perseverance and knowledge required to pull the project off. … More Gil’s electronics lab